Imper Italia spa has always been committed to optimizing its process in order to ensure proper management according to the criteria of efficiency, effectiveness' and affordability.
In 1995 Imper Italia spa has been certified ISO9001,focusing on customer satisfaction through the concept of "continuous improvement" and ensuring compliance with the requirements of the customers and applicable regulatory requirements. The organization of Imper Italia spa through the commitment of all levels and functions in particular of the top Management levels, implemented a system for managing health and safety in the workplace in order to meet the requirements requested by the law and health and safety at work company policy getting certification in 2009 of their system in accordance with the standard OHASS 18001.
Imper Italia spa also showing more and more attention to achieving a good level of environmental performance has been equipped with an Environmental Management system certified since 2012 in accordance with the International Standard ISO 14001 which allows the Organization to develop into their own environmental policy, establish objectives and processes while monitoring the environmental impacts of its activities, products and services in order to satisfy the legal requirements and the requirements of his policy