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This Division targets business opportunities wherever bitumen and polymer based products can be put to effective use in waterproofing applications: and area where IMPER can boast well over half a century of know-how.
A dedicated network of experienced product specialists and sales agents explores the market, looking for new business opportunities for a range of products that includes:

  • Prefabricated bitumen-polymer membranes for roofing, foundations, water retention, road work and special applications;
  • Bituminous emulsions;
  • Synthetic liquid-applied waterproofing materials;
  • Bituminous mastics and sealants;
  • Primers and protective coatings for waterproofing applications;
  • Insulating sheets for roofing systems.

TermoteneA producer of distilled bitumen-polymer waterproofing membranes since 1966, IMPER ITALIA now leads the field in both product quality and market penetration in Italy and abroad.
This leadership is confirmed by Technical Approval certificates issued by the Italian National Research Council’s Central Institute of Construction Technologies (ICT) and by a number of national member organizations of the UEAtc (Union Europeenne pour l'Agrément technique dans la construction), including CSTB in France, BBA in the United Kingdom, IAB in Ireland and Belgium’s UBAtc. In addition, the Division’s products are certified by international organizations such as EMI (Hungary), JIS (Japan), BRANZ (New Zealand), Factory Mutual System (USA), Bureau Veritas (France), SOCOTEC (France), and Laboratoire Central Ponts et Chaussčes (France).

In order to grant both origin and authenticity of the various products pertaining the Paralon membranes and, in order to avoid the sale of counterfeit products, the Paralon range have been further on personalized.
It has been realized a new TERMOTENE FILM that reports a bigger mark PARALON which is in size similar to the Imper one while the white shrink wrapping -polyethylen covers, used for packing onto pallets, have also been personalized by putting the red wording Paralon you may see on annexed picture.

  • Nuovo Termotene e cappuccio Paralon
  • Nuovo Termotene e cappuccio Paralon
  • Nuovo Termotene e cappuccio Paralon