Rhen Edilizia - Valide soluzioni presso la rivendita

The data sheets of our RHEN EDILIZIA Division are not available in the English language. They can be provided under on request e-mailing export@imper.it


The RHEN Edilizia Division stocks retail outlets with off-the-shelf solutions to their customersí needs for waterproofing materials, protective coatings, and other types of building restore and repair work.
At the Mappano plant near Torino, the marketing department handles a wide assortment of problem solving products, providing the outstanding service capability needed to streamline retail outletsí purchasing processes and improve their stock turnover.
The Divisionís products include:

  Adhesives and sealants Bitumen-based primers  
  Additives for concrete Light bitumen distillate-polymer membranes  
  Form release agents Elastomeric bitumen distillate-polymer membranes  
  Concrete repairing mortars, dehumidifying and protective treatments Elastophinic bitumen distillate-polymer membranes  
  Paste bitumen waterproofing systems Elastoplastomeric bitumen distillate-polymer membranes  
  Paste bitumen synthetic waterproofing systems Plastomeric bitumen distillate-polymer membranes  
  Cement waterproofing systems Bitumen distillate-polymer membranes for special uses  
  Bentonite waterproofing systems Self-adhesive waterproofing systems  
  Peelable protective compounds Feltpapers  
  Brace strips and reinforcement rods Breathing roofing boards  
  Special products Sound absorbing systems  
  What is a bitumen distillate-polymer membrane Bonded thermal insulation systems  
CE marking of waterproofing bitumen membranes Geotextiles and draining systems  
  Uses of bitumen membranes Accessories