Rubber Fuse - Sistemi impermeabilizzanti sintetici


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Through its network of product specialists and sales agents, the RUBBERFUSE Division builds market awareness of the many advantages of waterproofing systems employing SINTOFOIL synthetic membranes.
Advances in macromolecular polyolefin chemistry have made it possible to synthesize new polymers with properties that make them ideal for waterproofing applications. Combined with bitumen, these polymers have been extensively investigated at the WATERPROOFING Business Unit’s Research & Development labs, which have been successful in incorporating elastomers in the thermoplastic matrix. The result is a propylene polymer thermoplastic elastomer that gives SINTOFOIL synthetic membranes a range of properties which provide outstanding waterproofing performance:

- Freedom from chlorine and other potential pollutants;
- Outstanding resistance to weathering agents and UV radiation;
- Rot resistance;
- Mechanical strength and puncture resistance;
- Softness and flexibility, even at low temperatures;
- Root resistance;
- Excellent weldability and ease of repair throughout service life;
- Welded seams are easily inspected;
- Total recyclability and environmental compatibility.

SINTOFOIL TPO/FPA synthetic waterproofing membranes are certified by Factory Mutual, BBA, EMI, Bureau Veritas, Qualiconsult, ITC, CSTB, UBAtc, etc. As correct application of this innovative material calls for specific skills, and experience in this area is not yet widespread, the Business Unit recommends that SINTOFOIL membranes be installed only by qualified contractors, whom it provides with all necessary technical support.
In addition, the Business Unit has set up a fully equipped Training Center for installers wishing to learn correct application techniques.

PVC-P Line
To complete the range of the synthetic membranes a PVC – P membrane nominated SINTOPLAN for roofing is now added to the existing range (Euroflex – Ecoflex) for Underground , Tunnels , and reservoirs projects.
All ranges are covered by certifications and approvals