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  • IMPER ITALIA has been manufacturing waterproofing systems of various types since 1936 for the national and international markets with the help of specialized engineers and distributors. Since the mid-90s The Rubberfuse Division produces polyolefin-based (TPO/FPA) latest-generation eco-compatible synthetic waterproofing systems known as SINTOFOIL.
  • UNITED SOLAR OVONIC, manufacturer of UNI-SOLAR® , is global leader in the production of flexible amorphous silicon triple-junction photovoltaic cells (a-Si), with operations in the USA., Europe and many other areas. More than a decade of research carried out at the various plants throughout the world place the company at the forefront of this technology.
By combining knowledge and experience, the two Companies are able to offer high-quality, high-productivity waterproofing and photovoltaic system solutions.


IMPER ITALIA designs and offers roofing waterproofing systems. The Training Center and the Technical Assistance facility train application contractors operators to lay RUBBERSOLAR products for perfect results.


  • Waterproofing package fit for use with final Sintofoil top layer.
  • SINTOFOIL PV photovoltaic modules, consisting of Sintofoil substrate coupled to amorphous silicon, triple-junction, flexible UNI-SOLAR photovoltaic, thin-film laminates (PVL).
  • Accessories (BOS) such as inverters, control panels, wiring, etc., are designed, supplied and installed by specialist system integrator companies who (on request) will also provide assistance in obtaining national tax relief concessions as per DM 19/02/2007 (Energy Account).

On-site applications are possible in certain conditions with UNISOLAR® photovoltaic laminates rendered self-adhesive on the SINTOFOIL RG waterproof layer 1.8 mm thick suitably pre-stretched and mechanically fastened so as to avoid creasing and consequent adhesion of the laminate: all this based on current module specifications (thermal resistance of insulation, slope angles designed to strictly avoid water pools, etc.), outlined in Imper Italia technical documentation.
Instructions on cell application must also be adhered to, including cleanliness of the layer, environmental temperature (which should be above 10°C), humidity, etc., as well as cell adhesive bonding.
The system, known as FIELD BONDING, which is alternative to the more classic application of module SINTOFOIL PV, offers the following advantages:

  • increased Kwps rate on waterproofed surfaces;
  • substantially lower final costs, as the SINTOFOIL laminate support substrate is not needed (significant material, packing and transport cost saving).

The self-adhesive photovoltaic laminate will be marketed as SINTOFOIL PV FIELD BONDING 136 (144 …depending on the cell energy rate).
Both product and application system are fully certified UNISOLAR® OVONIC provided the specified procedures supplied to user customers are adhered to.

From RUBBERFUSE Division, RUBBERSOLAR Line Accessories for both traditional photovoltaic systems (mono, poly-crystalline or glass-glass thin-film) and appliances or light roofing equipments, applied on various types of waterproof roofings.
This system must be used with the assistance of the Imper Italia Technical Service only by approved Applicators.


  • SINTOFOIL TPO single-ply synthetic liners or similar;
  • Manti Bitumen bilayer distilled polymer PARALON NT4 + Plus ST PARALON ARD / HS plus ST or similar.

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