The IMPER Group that include the companies IMPER Italia s.p.a. and Eurodue s.r.l., historical and consolidated brands in the field of construction and civil engineering waterproofing materials present on the local and international market in over 50 countries  worldwide through the selling of its products manufactured in the factories of Mappano – Torino - (Modified Distilled Bitumen Membranes) and Marano Ticino Novara - (Synthetic membranes in TPO and PVC) has entered as a part of the big Russian Industrial Group TECNONICOL CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS

On the end of  November 2014  TECHNONICOL Group has acquired, through its  Italian Company the  100% of IMPER  ITALIA  and EURODUE shares  enlarging its  International presence, meanwhile IMPER Group got stronger to tackle the future challenges. Shareholders change, but operations, trademarks, products and staff who has contributed to the success of the Companies of IMPER Group remain unchanged.

The operation is set in the  strategies of  TECHNONICOL plans, in order to strengthen  its  presence In Europe and in new developing markets and of IMPER that is willing to ensure technical and commercial progress that only belonging to a Multinational Group of big size can guarantee nowadays.

IMPER ITALIA and EURODUE will maintain its operational independence, in order to increase their trademarks value and the growth of its   proper potentiality ,taking advantage of the synergy generated by the union of resources, of products, new technologies, the buying policy, on the organization, that will be on the market disposal for its customers and for the operation success.

IMPER ITALIA and EURODUE foreign and national customers may keep counting on the professionality and capacity of the actual staff and on the potentiality of new products and services that the Group, so reinforced, could offer and supply.

  1 Plant of  MB Membranes
  1 Plant SYNTHETIC Membranes


Export share  : 40%
  Italian and International approvals and certifications
  2 Research Laboratories and QC
  1 Training Center
  1 Technical Assistance Service
  National and International  capillary Sales Organization


Technonicol is the biggest Russian and European manufacturer of waterproofing materials ,bituminous shingles, acoustic ,thermal insulation (extruded and expanded  polystyrene, volcanic rock) and has a wide complete  range of accessories in order to solve all waterproofing problems for flat and slope roofs.
The company was founded in1992,and in all those years has acquired a great experience on the production of building products. Has a wide presence on the market with different sales offices in 36 countries in Europe and worldwide. The export is 35% of their own production, Total  yearly turnover is about 1,5 billion euro.

Employees more than 6 thousand workers. The group has 38 plant in RUSSIA, UCRAINE, BIELORUSSIA, LITHUANIA, CZECH REPUBLIC and ITALY, more than 50 commercial partners and more than 50.000 customers in  CSI, Europe and Baltic Republics.


  16 Plant of  MB Membranes
  1 Plant  Synthetic membrane PVC, HDPE
  6 Plants  Volcanic Rock  thermal Insulation
  7 Plants XPS insulation
  4 Plants Bituminous shingles and composite
  6 Plants Mastics and  Bituminous Compound
  4 Plants Raw materials
  5 Research Laboratories
  9 Training Centers
  National and International  capillary Sales Organization


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