IMPER ITALIA’s industrial success is a question of absolute consistency, of being able to turn out products designed to increase problem solving capabilities in structural protection, where the idea of waterproofing is more than just keeping out water, but also means reducing the effects that aggressive or corrosive agents of any kind can have on buildings.
At IMPER ITALIA, our philosophy – the guiding principles that inspire everything we do – hinge on customer satisfaction and the awareness that our real customers are the people who live or work in the buildings protected by our products.
In 1990, IMPER ITALIA expanded its presence in construction retail outlets by acquiring RHEN ITALIANA S.p.A. of (MI), a company with extensive know-how and a strong commercial organization in this specific market sector.
In February 1999, IMPER ITALIA put the finishing touches on an initiative designed to rationalize production by assuming direct control of the activities of its subsidiary RHEN ITALIANA S.p.A. of Brugherio (Milano). Through this operation, a network of experienced product specialists and sales agents with well-established contacts with modern construction retail outlets joined the IMPER ITALIA organization.

In 2006, an analysis of the company’s strategic stance pointed to the need to focus on technological innovation, building up the markets for high-quality bitumen-polymer membranes through the IMPER Division and for new-generation synthetic membranes through the RUBBERFUSE Division. It was also found necessary to expand the RHEN Construction Division in order to develop new products for construction retail outlets.
To concentrate its energy and resources on the waterproofing sector, IMPER ITALIA decided to sell its Torino Business Unit, which handles protective paints for steel substrates and resin-based formulations for flooring systems, to the Veneziani Group, a historic name in this and related sectors. On November 1, 2006, the SKILL and BETOK Divisions became part of the Veneziani Group.
Continuing its pursuit of technological innovation, the company launched the RUBBERSOLAR line in 2008, seeing renewable energy as a field that offers significant potential for combining the advantages of TPO/FPA Sintofoil with the new triple-junction amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells produced by UNI-SOLAR®.