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IMPER ITALIA S.p.A. was established in Torino in 1936, producing water proof cements, sealants and bituminous emulsions for waterproofing roofs, foundations, reservoirs, dikes, canals and other types of construction. Subsequently, the company responded to growing market demand with a range of special coatings designed to protect large-scale steel structures such as viaducts, tanks, penstocks and pipelines from corrosion. To such protective products and processes IMPER ITALIA then couples the production of compounds devoted to protect, maintain and restore concrete works.




After the Second World War several innovative products and systems were created. A multilayer “cold” covering, provided with PASTA IMPER bituminous emulsion and MULTIHOLES holed feltpaper layers, was conceived and patented. A waterproofing system with semi-adhesion was obtained; it prevented the spreading of fissures from covering floors to waterproof layers above. Such a system replaced the traditional multi-level waterproof layer with oxidized bitumen and cartoni bitumati (heaters and hot bitumen were used on coverings, thus adding risk for workers and leading to disappointing performances). In the mid-60’s this system was outstripped by prefabricated bitumen distillate-polymer membranes reinforced with a glass layer.

In the second half of the Sixties, IMPER ITALIA launches industrial production of prefabricated bitumen-polymer waterproofing membranes, modifying the bitumen with Atactic Polypropylene (APP). This revolutionary waterproofing system, fruit of Italian creativity, gave a significant boost to the company’s growth, helping it enhance its reputation for high quality.

In 1978, IMPER ITALIA became the first Italian manufacturer to receive Technical Approval certification from the Italian National Research Council’s Central Institute of Construction Technologies, (ICITE, now known as ITC), for its PARALON NT4 membrane. This certification was later extended to all other countries participating in the UEAtc (Union Europeenne pour l'Agrément technique dans la construction). Twenty-five years after PARALON NT4 was put on the market, IMPER ITALIA was once again the first Italian company to achieve European certification (BDA-KOMO) for the fire resistance properties of its PARALON 470 Fire and PARALON 470 ARD/HS Fire membranes.

In the Eighties, IMPER ITALIA developed several different technologies for producing bitumen-polymer membranes featuring a range of modifiers such as SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) designed to meet the needs of worldwide markets, where this type of product is in high demand.
Innovative as always, IMPER ITALIA reaffirmed its leading position in 1996, when it was the first Italian manufacturer to receive ICITE Agrément certification for an APP membrane – PARALON NT4 PLUS – which remains flexible at temperatures down to -20°C.
In 1990, to enter modern construction reselling market, IMPER ITALIA takes over RHEN ITALIANA S.p.A. (Brugherio, Milan), a company whose technical know-how and commercial network are suited to that specific market segment. In February 1999 IMPER ITALIA fulfills a project for the rationalization of production lines and embodies the activities of RHEN ITALIANA S.p.A. As a consequence, a network of technicians/agents, well-known in the field, is formed. In 2000, as a result of the past experience gained by IMPER Division of IMPER ITALIA and by its partners, DATAQUAD 2000 is launched.


DATAQUAD 2000 6.2
Still one of a kind in Italy, it is a working tool for construction designers and for installers specialized in waterproofing. It allows to design continuous coverings waterproofing, mainly in distilled-polymer bitumen membranes, along with specification drafting, schemes, working details (more than 200 already available, with image preview) and data sheets (updated 2010). Since 2003, IMPER ITALIA was the first Italian manufacturer to receive ITC Agrément certification for the Paralon Plus and Paralon Fire families, thus showing the incomparable security, duration, innovation and unicity of these products, sold in more than 60 million square meters so far.
Success in the waterproofing sector prompted the company to apply its talents to synthetic membranes.
Thus, in the late Nineties, IMPER ITALIA leveraged its extensive experience with bitumens and polymers to develop “SINTOFOIL”: a synthetic membrane based on an elastomerized flexible polypropylene alloy (FPA = Flexible Polypropylene Alloy).
In 2003, IMPER ITALIA S.p.A. also decided to invest in acquiring a majority stake in EURODUE s.r.l., a manufacturer of synthetic sheeting, thus rounding out its lineup of highly specialized waterproofing products.
In 2007, IMPER ITALIA embarked on producing renewable photovoltaic power with synthetic TPO/FPA waterproofing.
In order to share and spread expertise in Sintofoil synthetic membranes (TPO/FPA) application, a Training Center has been created; it is equipped with fittings and templates replicating coverings’ elaborate designs, and on a weekly base training courses dedicated to installers are held there. Qualification follows several steps leading from lessons in the Training Center to startup on the construction site, resulting in a Qualification Certificate for the capable Operators.

Thus, the IMPER ITALIA, RUBBERFUSE Division, which produces, environmentally-friendly synthetic thermoplastic olefin and elastomerized flexible polypropylene alloy (TPO/FPA) waterproofing sheets under the SINTOFOIL tradename, joined forces with United Solar Ovonic, who with its UNI SOLAR ® product line is the world leader in triple-junction flexible amorphous silicon (a-Si) photovoltaics, entering into an agreement to use silicon cells on SINTOFOIL membranes.

DATAQUAD 2000, application conceived to help the design of “waterproof systems, for continuous coverings, with bitumen-polymer waterproofing membranes”, had a good success; afterwards came DATAQUAD SINTOFOIL ver. 2.0, another application devoted to designing waterproof systems, continuous coverings, with polyolefin polymer films based on elastomeric polypropylene (FPA).

DATAQUAD SINTOFOIL takes origin from the more than decennial Italian and international expertise of RUBBERFUSE Division of IMPER ITALIA. Production, design and application on continuous coverings of FPA membranes are covered; other application methods of waterproofing systems are taken into account as well (total independence with ballasting, mechanical fixing and total adherence), together with the various thermal insulation (absence of thermal insulation, “worm roof” insulation, “reverse roof” insulation and “sandwich roof” insulation) and final protection kinds (absence of protection, heavy movable protection and heavy permanent protection).

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