WE TAKE ON THE CHALLENGE WE TAKE ON THE CHALLENGE Imper Italia has always been able to develop its expertise in research and in the production of increasingly high-performance waterproofing materials and systems, contributing to and sometimes anticipating the technological development of the sector, drawing inspiration from a market that over the years has become increasingly demanding and competitive, whilst always managing to be acknowledged as one of the leading companies in the industry. MORE INFORMATION PROTECTING THE GENIUS OF MAN SINCE 1936 PROTECTING THE GENIUS OF MAN SINCE 1936 Since its foundation, IMPER ITALIA waterproofing products and systems have been chosen to protect from the action of time the most important constructions generated by the genius of the Great Architects who, with their achievements, have enriched the skyline of our cities. MORE INFORMATION STRATEGY OF EXCELLENCE STRATEGY OF EXCELLENCE Reaching excellence in products and services, in an increasingly dynamic future while anticipating changes in markets characterised by discontinuity, this is the winning strategy of IMPER ITALIA. Know-how gained in over 80 years of history, the learning ability and the specific skills of the entire corporate organisation represent the valuable assets of the company. The quality of the products and of the TEAM to ensure the quality of the solutions offered. MORE INFORMATION A GREENER FUTURE A GREENER FUTURE An extreme supporter of green building and eco-sustainability, IMPER ITALIA bases every corporate choice and activity on these principles, paying the utmost attention to the selection of raw materials, the environmental impact of the production cycle, the reduction of energy consumption and recycling processes. This philosophy has inspired the development of environmentally sustainable waterproofing products and systems, ROOF GARDEN roofing systems, COOL ROOF products and roofing with PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS. MORE INFORMATION
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